Free Will group photo taken at the Sigtuna Foundation 27 June 2017

Agora Conference on Free Will

Sigtuna Foundation, 25-28 June 2017 

The question of free will is among the most contested and long-lasting in philosophy, theology, legal scholarship, and other fields. Over recent decades, neuroscientists have joined this debate, following results by Libet and others purporting to show that consciousness might not be part of the causal chain leading to action. We have learned much about the neural processes underlying decision-making and action formation since the original Libet studies were published. More recent studies undeniably address some of the criticism against the original Libet studies but, at the same time, also raise new questions and strengthen existing concerns. We think that it is high time to take stock of the current state of the field, see where present challenges lie, and what are some promising pathways ahead.

We are therefore organizing a 3-day conference devoted to the study of volition, which will be held at the Sigtuna Foundation ( near Stockholm, Sweden—from the afternoon of June 25 until noon, June 28, 2017. We bring together scholars who are specifically interested in this topic and combine formal presentation sessions with informal meetings and discussions. The conference includes presentations by neuroscientists as well as by philosophers specifically interested in working with neuroscientists , and arrange plenty of time for discussions on these questions.

One session, on Free Will and Law, is open to the public. This session is at 9 – 12 on Wednesday, 28 June. Anyone interested in attending this session should contact and/or register at the Reception at the Sigtuna Foundation.

The conference program is available here: AgoraFreeWillConference-program170621.

The conference abstracts are available here.

The conference is co-organized by Assist. Prof. Uri Maoz (UCLA, Caltech, Chapman University) and Prof. Hans Liljenström (SLU, Agora for Biosystems)

Conference venue and accommodation: 

Sigtunastiftelsen, Manfred Björkqvists allé 2-4, 193 22 Sigtuna.

Phone: +46-(0)8-592 589 00,  Email:, Web:

Information about Sigtuna, a small town about 15 km from Stockholm Arlanda airport, can be found here:

Videos of talks at the conference are linked to below (uploaded as they become finalized)

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