Agora for Biosystems is involved in a number of activities, which currently include:

  • A public lecture will be arranged in conjunction with the meeting on Panpsychism and Non-local Consciousness, on 26 Oct 2024. More details later.
  • Recent previous events include:
    • “Can a Systems View on Life Solve our Global Problems?”, with Fritjof Capra, 14 March 2020
    • “Who is Responsible for the Biodiversity of our Planet?”. Representatives from the Swedish EPA, and other institutions together with philosoperhs from Eco-Ethica, 8 November 2019.
    • “Free Will and Responsibility – Illusion or Reality?”, based on a new book and research project with members of the Agora and the Sigtuna Foundation, 26 May 2019
    • “Which Images of God Are Not in Conflict With Science?”, with Archbishop Antje Jackelén and Jesuit pater Ulf Jonsson and others, 15 Dec 2018
    • “Values and Visions for the World – Which Future Do We Want?”, 8 April 2018
    • The Music of Life“, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Agora for Biosystems, 9 Dec 2017
    • “Vetenskap – Visdom – Världsbild” (“Science – Wisdom – Worldview”), with a number of Swedish scientists and science journalists, 5-6 May 2017
    • “What is Time?” with Paul Davies and Antje Jackelén, 18 Sep 2016
    • “New Perspectives on Human Evolution”, 20 Nov 2015
    • “Where do we come from, and where are we going?”, A symposium on Big Bang and the evolution of the Universe, 7 Oct 2015
    • A dialogue symposium on innovation, Sigtunastiftelsen, 23 Mar 2015
    • A list of previous symposia can be found here.
  • A dialogue seminar series on the human nature, in particular relating to adaptation, innovation and intention

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