Below is a list of thematic journal issues, books, and reports that have been published based on Agora related activities (courses and meetings).

Nazir, A.H., Kotaleski, J.H., & Liljenström, H. (2023). Computational modeling of attractor-based neural processes involved in the preparation of voluntary actions. Cognitive Neurodynamics. doi: 10.1007/s11571-023-10019-3

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Linderman, A. & Liljenström, H., Eds. (2021) Fri vilja och mänskligt ansvar – illusion eller verklighet? (in Swedish)
Stockholm: Fri Tanke (2021) ISBN: 9789189139602

Liljenström, H. (2020) Book review on The Brain and AI, by Karl Schlagenhauf and Fanji Gu, Cognitive Systems Research

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A list of publications 1997-2010 can be found here.

Below is a sample of publications that have been published as a direct or indirect result of Agora projects.


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Popular science and cultural literature (a sample of publications,most in Swedish)

Blomberg, C. “Tiden och tidens riktning: Varifrån kommer den egentligen?” Elementa, 1996.

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Popular science oral presentations (in Swedish)

Blomberg, C. Tid, vad är det? (presentation vid Göteborgs vetenskapsfestival 1998)

Blomberg, C. Livets ursprung (radio, 16 maj 1999)

Liljenström, H. Om slumpen (Filosofiska Rummet, P1, jan 2002)

Liljenström, H. Om religiösa upplevelser (Teologiska Rummet, P1, apr 2015).

Popular science presentations on video

“Consciousness, Complexity and Wholeness”, Interview with Hans Liljenström, Sigtuna Foundation, 8 May 2016.