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The Music of Life

Sigtunastiftelsen 8-9 December 2017

In conjunction with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Agora for Biosystems, we are organizing a scientific conference around major challenges in modern biology, as well as a symposium for the general public on life in a larger perspective, also with musical elements.

Agora for Biosystems was created 20 years ago with the main objective to explore major problems in biology, primarily concerning the origin of life, evolution and the mind-brain problem. During the past years, we have wrestled with such problems together with many prominent scientists who have been invited for meetings of various topics and scope, and we have also published a number of scientific articles and books based on these meetings.

What does today’s science say about these problems in biology? Have we made any progress in the past 20 years? Which view on life is dominating today? In both our anniversary conference and symposium, we want to highlight the major problems in biology in the light of current research. We also want to discuss to what extent holistic and reductionist approaches can complement each other, focusing in particular on what systems biology can bring to our understanding of life. The British systems biologist Denis Noble (Oxford University) will also talk about his books, The Music of LifeBiology Beyond Genes, and Dance to the Tune of Life – Biological Relativity.

The conference program is available here: Agora_Musicoflife_dec2017.


Pictures (FB album)

Video recordings of the presentations will be uploaded here, when they have been edited.

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