Hans Liljenström

Director of Agora for Biosystems and Professor in Biometry at the Dept. of Energy & Technology, SLU (Uppsala)

Hans Liljenström (born in 1956) received his MSc in Engineering Physics in 1982 and PhD in Theoretical Biophysics in 1987 at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden.  He spent a postdoc period with Prof. John Hopfield at Caltech, 1989-90, developing computational models of the olfactory cortex. In the 1990′ he worked as an associate professor in Theoretical Biophysics at KTH, and is since 2001 a full professor in Theoretical Biology and Biophysics at the Dept. of Energy and Technology, SLU, Uppsala, Sweden. He is also the founding director of Agora for Biosystems

Liljenström’s research interests focus on mathematical modeling of biological systems and processes, in particular complex dynamics, including oscillations and chaos. His specialty is relating structure, dynamics and function of biological networks at various spatial and temporal scales. Lately, his work is focussing on neurocomputational models of decision making, with relevance to the problem of consciousness and free will.

Liljenström has been working and publishing in the field of cognitive neurodynamics for 30 years, and has organized a large number of conferences and workshops, including the International Conference on Cognitive Neurodynamics, ICCN2013, in June 2013, and the Agora Conference on Free Will in June 2017.

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Contact: hans.liljenstrom@slu.se, +46-(0)18-671728 (work) or +46-(0)73-6547977 (mobile)